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Enroll in The Smilist One Perio Membership Plan

What’s Included?

The Smilist ONE Perio Program is designed to help patients with periodontal disease get the treatment they need at affordable prices. Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is a lifelong condition. Treatment for periodontal disease often includes Scaling and Root Planing which removes plaque and tartar from beneath the gumline followed by routine Perio Maintenance appointments. At a Perio maintenance appointment, your Hygienist will target periodontal pockets to remove tartar and plaque from the space between gums and teeth.

See FAQs below. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in The Smilist ONE Perio Membership program?

To enroll in The Smilist ONE Perio Membership program, please visit your local practice. The Patient Care team at The Smilist will be able to help you enroll.

How much does The Smilist ONE Perio Membership program cost?

The Smilist ONE Perio Membership costs $599/year and is an annual membership.

Is the Smilist ONE Perio Membership a dental insurance plan?

No, The Smilist ONE Perio Membership Program is not a dental insurance plan and not intended to be a substitute for a dental insurance plan. Rather, The Smilist ONE Perio Membership Program is an affordable dental membership program that allows you to receive valid dental services at any affiliated Smilist Dental office.

Where can I use The Smilist ONE Perio Membership?

You can use your Perio membership at any participating Smilist dental office.

What benefits do I receive when I join the Smilist ONE Perio Membership?

There are many benefits to joining the Smilist ONE Membership Program including:

Comprehensive Periodontal Exams
One annual comprehensive exam per individual or family member by one of our top rated dentists is included.

Annual Digital X-Rays
X-rays are included as a part of our comprehensive dental treatment. We use digital x-ray technology which is safer, faster and more comfortable for you

Perio Maintenance Visits
The Smilist ONE Perio Membership provides patients with 3 perio maintenance visits a year. 

Fluoride Treatments
To keep your teeth healthy and strong, receive 1 fluoride treatment per year.

Preferred Member-Only Rates
Receive excellent savings on preventative, major and specialty dental care.

Emergency Appointments
Emergencies and unexpected events happen. That’s why emergency exams and x-rays are also included with the SmilistONE Program.

Complimentary Specialist Consultations
Complimentary consultations and referrals to our wide network of dental specialists and professionals.

No Deductibles, Yearly Maximums, or Pre-Authorization Required
You don’t need to pay a deductible, worry about a yearly maximum, or require a pre-authorization before you get your dental work done.

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