A Dentist Story

Sasha Cekada, D.D.S.
Amityville, NY

Dr. Sasha Cekada’s Story

Dr. Sasha Cekada’s passion for dentistry comes from his dedication to science, art and working with his hands and mind. Dr. Cekada took that passion and applied it to a role where for the last 20 years he has led a team and ran a practice focused on helping people.

Born and raised in Queens, NY, Dr. Cekada is a first generation Croatian-American. His parents’ incredible work ethic was an influential part of his upbringing and molded who he is today. Dr. Cekada attended Townsend Harris High School and was the captain of the Varsity Soccer team. Soccer is his favorite sport and he enjoys watching his two children play and develop their skills. During his high school years, Dr. Cekada wanted to date a girl from a neighboring high school, St. Francis Prep. Turns out, he didn’t just date one – he married one.

After high school, Dr. Cekada attended SUNY Buffalo for both his undergraduate studies and his dental degree. Following his residency program, Dr. Cekada went into private practice and owned Amityville Smiles, a leading practice in Amityville, NY. Dr. Cekada and his team created an environment where patients felt comfortable coming to the team for all of their dental needs. A busy practice, they received over 50 new patients each month and Dr. Cekada had a team of Associate dentists as well as hygienists working with him.

Dr. Cekada found that the administrative aspects of running his successful practice started to take away from time spent doing clinical care or even time spent with his family. “Before partnering with the Smilist, I frequently felt that I was on my own. I spent many hours every week doing the administrative end of the practice, paying bills, running payroll, ordering supplies, and ensuring compliance. I found that it occupied a lot of time and energy outside of clinical care, and left me with no free time.”

In 2015, Dr. Cekada partnered with the Smilist Dental. “There is no feeling of pressure or that you’re a part of some corporate environment. There is a feeling of support like you’re a part of a family. It feels more like a family than a business,” Dr. Cekada relates.

“Transition was an exciting time where we were waiting to see what it would be like on the other side. The first day after the transition felt like the first day before the transition.”

A Front Desk Receptionist at Dr. Cekada’s office, Lisa, also had a positive experience when joining the Smilist. “Being a part of the Smilist means you’re really a part of a team. Now, if there is an issue, we can call another office to compare notes, share ideas and find a solution – together.”

A New Chapter In A Distinguished Dental Career

With the support of the Smilist, Dr. Cekada found it easier to grow both as a dentist and as a leader. The support services that the Smilist offers allowed Dr. Cekada to focus on what he enjoys most: engaging patients, identifying their problems and creating a comprehensive treatment plan based on their needs.

“Affiliation with the Smilist started a new chapter in my career,” explains Dr. Cekada. “It has opened up new opportunities for me, not just as a clinician, but as a leader within a growing organization.” Dr. Cekada now manages two locations within the Smilist and is an active member of the Smilist’s Clinical Advisory Board. Under his leadership and with support from the Smilist, the Amityville office has grown 80% and the Riverhead office 90%.

By giving up administrative responsibilities, Dr. Cekada has found time to coach and develop additional team members and dentists at the Smilist. “Managing two offices has allowed me to expand my reach considerably. I enjoy accelerating the development of new dentists and team members.”

“The Smilist offers a network of colleagues. In a solo practice, when you speak to other dentists, they are your competition. Here they are my team. We are able to learn from each other, ” said Dr. Cekada.

Since partnership, Dr. Cekada’s original office manager, Lisa has grown from an Office Manager to be a Regional Manager, now overseeing 5 offices.

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