Caring For Your New Smile & Retainers


You have just completed the “active phase” of orthodontic treatment. You’ll now start the “retention phase” of your orthodontic treatment which is extremely important. This phase involves wearing retainers to minimize post-treatment shifting of your teeth.

Initially, you will wear the retainers full-time (24 hours/day), only removing them to eat, drink or brush your teeth. Please remember to bring your retainers with you to ALL retainer check appointments so needed adjustments can be made.

It is important to understand and expect minor shifting of your teeth as they are not permanently set. Your teeth, soft tissues, and bones naturally change over time, regardless of orthodontic treatment. The purpose of wearing retainers is to minimize these changes and reduce any premature shifting of your teeth. Lost, broken, or misfitting retainers due to poor cooperation will necessitate an additional charge to create new retainers. Please take care of your retainers and maintain your follow-up appointments to finalize your orthodontic treatment and keep your beautiful new smile.

We have truly enjoyed treating you and thank you for trusting us with your orthodontic care. We look forward to seeing you show off your new smile!

Please review the important information below regarding retainer care to make sure your treatment progresses properly.


  1. Brush your retainers with a small amount of toothpaste with your toothbrush inside, outside, and the wires and rinse in cool water.
  2. Once or twice a week, soak your retainers in Polident or Efferdent. Follow instructions on the package to clean your retainers.
  3. Never let pets (especially dogs) near your retainers or the retainer case. They could smell food on your retainers and destroy them by eating or chewing your retainers.
  4. Never wrap retainers in a tissue or napkin! Keep your case with you to store them when you are eating or playing sports.


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