What benefits do I receive when I join the Encore ONE Membership?


There are many benefits to joining the Encore ONE Membership Program including:

Comprehensive Exams
One annual comprehensive exam per individual or family member by one of our top rated dentists is included.

Annual Digital X-Rays
X-rays are included as a part of our comprehensive dental treatment. We use digital x-ray technology which is safer, faster and more comfortable for you

Dental Cleanings
Members receive two dental cleanings a year with the EncoreONE program.*
*In the absence of periodontal disease.

Fluoride Treatments
To keep your teeth healthy and strong, receive 1 fluoride treatment per year.

Preferred Member-Only Rates
Receive up to 30% off preventative, major and specialty dental care

Emergency Appointments
Emergencies and unexpected events happen. That’s why emergency exams and x-rays are also included with the EncoreONE Program.

Complimentary Specialist Consultations
Complimentary consultations and referrals to our wide network of dental specialists and professionals.

No Deductibles, Yearly Maximums, or Pre-Authorization Required
You don’t need to pay a deductible, worry about a yearly maximum, or require a pre-authorization before you get your dental work done.

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