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Our top-rated Orthodontist, Dr. Susan Friedman offers comprehensive orthodontic treatments including Braces & Invisalign at our North Babylon office. If you’re ready for a straighter smile, call us or book a complimentary consultation with our Orthodontist in North Babylon, NY today.

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“Dr. Friedman is the most amazing orthodontist! She made me feel so comfortable and confident in my smile. She is gentle, personable, and a perfectionist. I would recommend Dr. Friedman to everyone of all ages!! :)”

– Tiffany, Google

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Traditional Braces In North Babylon

Traditional braces consist of metal brackets that are glued to the tooth and bands are fixed around a tooth. They are essentially used as “anchors”. Traditional braces require tightening, so that the pressure can slowly and gradually move your teeth into the correct position. This type of alignment can take months to years to complete, depending on the patient.

Invisalign In North Babylon

Invisalign® is a smooth, clear plastic aligner that are worn on the teeth to apply pressure to teeth that need to be moved. They subtly and gently move your teeth into a position that is planned by your dentist.

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