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The Smilist Earns Great Place to Work Certification For Second Year
October 2022

The Smilist Adds Five Practices in New York and New Jersey
September 2022

The Smilist Expands To Pennsylvania
July 2022

The Smilist Continues to Grow In New York and New Jersey 
June 2022 

The Smilist Gives Back With The Michael Magro Foundation 
May 2022

The Smilist Expands Footprint in Eastern Long Island 
October 2021

Dr. Kestler Calls It A Career: Teaching, Theinert Fund To Consume His Schedule 
June 2021 

The Smilist Partners With Encore Dental 
March 2021

Dr. Philip Walters Partners with The Smilist
June 2020

Dr. Joybelle Menzies Joins the Smilist of Riverhead
May 2018

Dr. Paul Glasser & Dr. Steven Green Partner With the Smilist
November 2017

Dr. Craig Rosenthal Partners With the Smilist
October 2017

Dr. Steven Goldberg Partners With the Smilist
October 2017

Dr. Julie Izen Partners With the Smilist in Riverhead
June 2017

Dr. Anna Rodopoulos Joins The Smilist
April 2017

Dr. William Kappel Partners With the Smilist Dental of Wantagh
December 2016

Dr. Albert Fox Partners With the Smilist
November 2016

Dr. Jennifer Agliato Partners With The Smilist
October 2016

3 Minutes On A Park Bench With Dr. Julia Aida From The Smilist of Wantagh
May 2016

3 Minutes On A Park Bench With Dr. Culpepper D.D.S, From The Smilist 
April 2016

Dr. Michael Ivry Partners With The Smilist
October 2015

Dr. Frank Korowitz Partners With the Smilist
May 2015

Dr. Jay Bernstein Partners With the Smilist
March 2015

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